Billionaire Elon Musk Claims His Tweets Are Being Suppressed


Elon Musk has claimed on Twitter that his tweets are being suppressed. — Reuters

Billionaire Elon Musk has claimed on Twitter that his tweets are being suppressed.

Musk, who is waging a legal battle with the microblogging platform, has even tagged Twitter and its CEO Parag Agarwal to resolve the issue.

The CEO of Tesla, who has 105.6 million followers on Twitter, realized that his tweets didn’t reach that many people.

Musk pointed out the problem with a funny GIF that said “help! help! I’m being oppressed”.

He then wrote: “My tweets are being suppressed.”

“Please fix,” he said, tagging Twitter’s CEO.

It’s common for Musk’s tweets to get more than 40,000 likes, even if he drops a simple emoji. However, his recent tweets have struggled to reach people, with some reaching around 4,000 likes.

Twitter’s support page and Agarwal have yet to respond to the billionaire’s tweet.

As always, his fans have filled the comment section with even more hilarious reactions.

One user said “agree. I can’t even see this one.”

“Aren’t most of us right now?” asked another.

“Bro, you should be thankful they even let you tweet,” another said sarcastically.

The CEO of SpaceX has been in a legal battle with Twitter since withdrawing its $44 billion offer to buy the platform. The claim that his tweets have been suppressed comes after Twitter shareholders voted in favor of Musk to take over the company.

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