Impersonator queen quits 34-year job, says he’ll only dress up for ‘special occasions’


A performing artist, who bears a striking resemblance to Queen Elizabeth II, has announced that he will be taking the job after 34 years “out of respect” following the death of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch on Thursday afternoon, aged 96.

Following news of Her Majesty’s death, Mary Reynolds, 89, who lives in Epping, Essex, told the PA news agency that she is “lucky” to look like the Queen, but her days as a doppelgänger are coming to an end. come .

“It was a great privilege to be like her because I think she’s so incredible,” said Reynolds. “I mean, it’s a change of an era now, it’s all getting really weird,” she added.

Reynolds was first mistaken for the British monarch when she was 17, and the resemblance has persisted throughout her life. She became popular in 1988 for posing as the monarch.

She commented on Queen’s death, saying: “I was watching television the day before and felt bad news was going to come, which of course eventually came and you feel very, very, very, very sad.”

“And then you kind of realize that’s going to be the end for me… out of respect, I don’t think you should do anything,” she commented.

Reynolds has appeared in TV shows and movies, with some of her standout performances including the 1990 comedy film Bullseye starring the late Sir Roger Moore, as well as an episode in the 1988 25th anniversary series of Doctor Who.

She also revealed that she has “two boxes full of hats,” saying, “I’m not really going to need them anymore.”

“It makes you very sad.”

She added that she’ll likely keep her Queen’s outfits because “they’ve been a part of my life for so long” and said she had two separate wardrobes for her regular and royal outfits, but would dive into “the Queen’s.” closet if she were to go ‘somewhere special’.

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