King Charles’ younger brother Prince Andrew says ‘royals are allowed one day’


Prince Andrew, his daughters, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice thanked the benefactors for aligning the route back to Balmoral after the royal family attended a prayer service for the Queen.

Asked by a mourner how it went, the King’s younger brother Charles said: “One day we got permission, now we start the process of handing her over. It’s nice to see you, thank you for coming. “

One of the photos showed the Duke of York putting his arm around his youngest daughter as she wiped away tears during an emotional outing to see the floral tribute to the Queen.

Members of the royal family attended a short church service near their Balmoral estate before taking a short walk.

The entire royal family looked deeply moved as they read cards and messages left behind for Queen Elizabeth II, who breathed her last at the castle earlier this week.

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