Meghan Markle’s ‘self-consciously awkward’ body language revealed by expert


Meghan Markle has been seen as ‘confident’ and ‘clumsy’ on recent trips to the UK following the Queen’s death, with a body language expert dissecting her mannerisms in a recent podcast episode.

Talk about Palace confidential podcast, Daily mail editor Rebecca English commented on Meghan’s recent off-camera interactions with senior members of the royal family, including Kate Middleton, and the Queen Consort Camilla.

English said: “A lot of what we saw happened off-camera because you weren’t allowed to pick up your cameras until they saw the coffin. We had five to ten minutes just to watch them. The body language was fascinating.”

“You couldn’t help but notice the body language between the senior royals and Meghan from where we were standing… You could tell that Camilla, Kate and Sophie were together and the body language was very comfortable between them.”

“But then there was Meghan and you could almost have put someone else in that room. It spoke volumes,” continued English.

She added: “Even if you didn’t know what we all know about what’s happened over the past few years, you would’ve turned up and thought, ‘that looks a little strange, there’s something wrong here’.”

The royal commentator went on to say: “Someone whispered to me while I was there, ‘God, that body language speaks volumes’ and it did, I must say.”

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