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Scroll down to know your horoscope for today on September 6, 2022 as predicted by astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji


Take small steps with whatever you are trying to achieve in your personal and professional life and everything will fall into place. Health will be stable, do not take unnecessary stress.


It’s good to try something new, but too much confidence can get in the way of your progress. Beware of a friend trying to find out about your love life, there could be ulterior motives. Headache or stress pain is expected today.


Your partner may be lying about something, but it could be a lie, so analyze before responding. You can go crazy at work. Your stars are showing a minor health problem, but we can’t rule out a leave of absence that you have to beg your senior for because of the work pile.


Everything is good for you, stay put. You don’t have to move just because you don’t see an obstacle coming your way.


Don’t take your current position at work for granted today. A lover’s spit is predicted, but nothing serious. Health will be fine.


A kind of confrontation is foreseen today at work or in personal life. Your patience will be tested. A biting pain can shoot into your back. You may need a physical break from stress.


You will feel like sleeping in and doing nothing at home today. This can help you avoid the anticipated tense atmosphere at work caused by a colleague’s behavior.


Mental health can take a toll, but a loved one will help you just by being there for you. The work will be stable, nothing to worry about.


A breakup or a divorce conversation can be seen for some. You can stretch a muscle while walking or exercising. Your seniors will congratulate you on a project.


Your body will be exhausted after a stressful day at work and even in personal life. A fight with a helper at home can be seen. Meditation is highly recommended to you today.


You will have a gala time with your colleagues today, which will make you feel happy inside. This can also cause you to call a close friend. This can be disaster or magic depending on your use of words.


You will procrastinate as usual and you may even make a blunder at work. Your partner may also not be supportive. Mental health can be a toss after an eventful day.

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