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Among several things that can reveal a person’s personality, the way one clenches one’s fist is quite popular. There are several ways people raise their fists; while some clamp it tight, others clamp it loose. In this article, however, we’ll look at how the placement of your fingers and thumb in a fist defines your personality.

Loose fist with thumb resting on index finger

Some people make a soft and loose fist. The thumb in this case rests on the index finger, and reports suggest that these people are kind and warm-hearted. These people are so kind and giving in nature that people often take advantage of their good side.

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These people are advised to take care of themselves and learn from their experiences. They should be kind and generous, but at the same time should not allow people to take advantage of them.

For example, if someone has already cheated on you in the past but comes to you again with a sadder story and seeks help from you, don’t let your emotions sink in right away. Do a little background research.

A tight fist with thumb firmly on the index and middle fingers

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This is a tight fist and can pack a good punch.

According to reports, people who clenched their fists so easily are very creative. Despite having a fear of failure, these people don’t back down during test times. These people are human magnets and make friends everywhere.

Apart from that, these people are very intelligent and also too honest.

A tight fist with thumb buried under other fingers

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This is the kind of fist that kids usually do. These people are naturally very calm. They are funny, witty and charming and attract people wherever they go.

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Another interesting quality of these people is that they love and seek harmony in everything they do and this is why they become emotionally connected with people who are stressed and try to make things better for them.

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