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Life can bring you the most unexpected twists and turns that you may never have foreseen. Sometimes it’s for the best, but there are times when you find yourself on an emotional roller coaster. My miserable life was turned for the better in seconds. I embraced fame, power and authority, but in the process I had to let go of all the chances I had at… love.

Working for a large company had more disadvantages than advantages. I was just an ordinary worker trying to make my way to the top where I could finally fulfill my dreams of being rich and successful. But for a lone wolf like me, in a man’s world, it’s very difficult. Here I was, an investor trying to find her way into the big boys’ club.

I have worked hard; I even got appreciation for my work, but it never helped me move up. It had been 4 years since I was toiling day and night in this company, but I never succeeded. I almost decided to leave this company because there was nothing left for me here, but then everything changed. One day we were called to our boss’ cabin where we were introduced to a new project for a major client known as a ruthless CEO. He was insanely successful and everyone knew him for the empire he had created. He was also known for getting what he wanted. We were all called to work together on this project.

There were numerous meetings, investigations, strategies etc. with the CEO. He is a grumpy old man with an enigmatic personality. He exudes strength and confidence. My boss had warned us not to disappoint him at all because he is a very important part of our client portfolio. We had to give in to all his whims and we did. But I never knew my life was about to change.

One day the CEO walked into our office, made an appointment with our boss, and within a while I was called to the booth. I was confused and scared because if I had made a mistake it would have been my end. But shockingly, the CEO asked for my hand in marriage for his son! I was frozen, but I gathered my wits and asked why such a big, successful CEO would want me, a nobody, in his family. He told me that his youngest son had not yet made a man of himself, he was still reeling from irresponsibility and immaturity. He wanted someone like me to straighten him out in marriage. “I watched you as you worked, took responsibility and worked very hard to deliver the project. You’re a good one. You remind me of myself in my younger days.” This made me proud, but it left me speechless. I had no family other than my distant relatives who wouldn’t mind seeing me married. I asked for a moment to think because this was all too sudden for me.

Would I be okay with marrying a man I don’t know much about or love? Could I survive in a family that revolves around fame, fortune and success? Plus, the thought of being with someone who doesn’t even have the ambition to begin with was terrifying. But then I noticed. If I could get into their family I could get a much bigger position in my company because in no way would they let the wife of the CEO’s son work in a smaller role. I could focus on wealth, fame and success if I could work my way through it. It would be a big decision to marry someone like that for once in my life, I wanted to taste what success was like. And so did I. I agreed to the marriage.

Soon everyone in the office got to know it. There were rumors everywhere about how greedy and unethical I was, but I didn’t care. My colleagues were jealous of me, now that I could easily climb the ladder to success. The marriage took place within a few months and a story was made up for the media to know that we both fell in love while working on a project together. His son oversaw this project and I, a collaborator, charmed him with guts and determination. Everything went pretty perfect and by the end of 2018 I was married.

It has been over 4 years since my marriage to the CEO’s son. We are both affectionate towards each other, but we do not love each other. We are more like friends who have helped each other through difficult times. But during these 4 years my position rose to new levels that I could never have imagined. I’m pretty happy right now that I chose my career over love because such opportunities may not come and not everyone has the guts to do so.

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