Sitting for long hours can put your health at risk; what experts want you to know | The Times of India


At the end of the study, the researchers identified four different groups of people depending on how much they moved during the day.

1,173 of the participants were “active couch potatoes”, 1,199 were “sedentary light movers”, 694 were “sedentary exercisers” and 636 were “movers”,

Both active couch potatoes and sedentary light movers exercised for 30 minutes daily and sat down for the rest of the day. However, the sentendary light movers were 40% more active than the active couch potatoes.

Sedentary exercisers sat for long hours, but indulged in an hour of daily exercise.

The movers, on the other hand, not only exercised for an hour, but also indulged in two hours of extra exercise during their daily activities.

After comparing all these groups, the researchers found that the active couch potatoes had the worst blood sugar, body fat percentage, and cholesterol levels.

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