Video captures Meghan hugging mourners at Queen’s tribute: ‘Can I hug you?’


A video of the Duchess of Sussex hugging a young girl in Windsor has been shared on TikTok.

Meghan Markle accompanied the Duke of Sussex, along with Kate, Princess of Wales and William, Prince of Wales, to greet the mourners on Saturday (September 10).

As the couples walked towards the crowd, Meghan went to a ward and approached a teenager, who put her hand over her mouth in shock.

In a video of the exchange captured by a TikTok user @IzzyChar97, fans can see Harry and Meghan talking to people in the crowd.

“Oh my god, hello!” says the teenager who approaches Meghan.

The Duchess asks for the girl’s name. “Amelka,” she replies.

“Ah beautiful,” says the Duchess. “Thank you for being here, it means so much to the family. We appreciate it.”

“Thanks,” Amelka replies. Meghan then proceeds to ask how long she has been waiting.

“About two hours,” says Amelka. “Oh god, Meghan replies. Well, I hope you can go home soon. I appreciate you being here.”

The girl asks if she can hug Meghan, to which the Duchess responds “of course” before leaning forward for a hug.

The caption above the video reads: Harry and Meghan are both absolutely gorgeous! Here’s the hug everyone is talking about.

“It was so beautiful to see and she is such a beautiful woman inside and out. We love you Meghan.”

In an interview with CNNAmelka explained that she had wanted to hug Meghan to show that she was still loved by British people.

“We were just waiting for her to come and she came up to me and asked what my name was and how my day was, how long I had been waiting,” she recalls.

“And I asked her if I could have a hug, and she hugged me back. It was quite a great moment. I’m still shaking now.”

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