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Scroll down to know your horoscope for today on September 14, 2022, as predicted by astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji.


A lie can turn into a big misunderstanding with your friends. Don’t let your coworkers talk you into a party scene today because your health may falter according to your measurements. Love life seems to be on the back burner.


Everything looks good at work. Love life may get hiccups during the day from a silly argument, but by nightfall everything will be fine.


Don’t argue with your colleagues or even your boss today, no matter what. Make plans with your love interest because he/she seems to secretly crave your attention.


Everything looks good, both in your love life and in your professional life. The work scenario will be comfortable.


Your colleague can test your patience today. You will feel sleepy all day and procrastination can make you forget about an engagement to your partner.


You will be a little tired, physically exhausted and feel sad about a near and dear one. Your partner will support you and your colleagues will be nice to you too.


It will be a sunny day for you in all areas of your life.


There may be a case where you doubt your love interest, but you have to be careful with your reactions. Work and health seem to be in your favour. Wear auburn or brown today.


You may decide to put your travel plans on the back seat because a particular work situation pops up. You will not regret it. Your partner will be good for you and so will your health.


Your fight with your partner can get ugly and this will only get under control if you get his/her friends involved. Do not go to the office today for anticipated health reasons.


Everything works for you. Don’t lose patience. Light some relaxing incense at home and take a nap.


Your stars suggest an emotional evening for you. This can be with your partner or parents. The work will be hectic, but manageable. Drink tea and avoid any fried snack for health purposes.

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