Arrange player farewell messages after their big transfer


We have finally reached the end of the summer transfer window. We have laughed. We cried. We wondered: “Why be in the name of Ronaldinho’s golden Tiempos? Manchester City autograph Manuel Akanjic?”

But like it or not, your club’s team overview is now what it will look like for the next six months. Many players have left clubs that they have been with for years and that means one thing is certain: farewell letters from players.

It’s a common art, like trying not to look too smug while refusing to celebrate against your former team, or patting the referee on the shoulder after giving you a yellow card. If you leave a club, you should at least leave a note when you leave. Otherwise you become a villain, a vicious opponent who becomes the subject of glee when misfortune befalls you. Some players thrive on that kind of negativity, but most like to leave at least a courtesy note before going.

But if you’re a fan of a player at your club who suddenly leaves, you always want to make sure that they really mean the things they’ve written, at least on some level. Sometimes that heartbreak is easy to see; other times it’s a little harder to tell. In an effort to turn everything into a league, I’ve decided to rank some of the more notable farewell letters from departing players to their now former clubs.

Entries are judged on their perceived sincerity, aesthetic quality in both the written and visual media, and an accurate portrayal of the player’s history at the club, which is a fancy way of saying how many bulls—…you know what ? Let’s just get on with it.

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There are several video farewell letters on this list, but few have the sheer production value that Jesus puts on the table here. We have youth clips. We have clips for adults. We’ve got animation (!!!), and we’ve got a fully voiced video that was clearly thought about and written in advance, with an incredibly tasteful and effective iteration of the sentence structure to really bring home the emotional point at the end.

Did you catch that? From I did, I did, I did, to ‘we did’. He invites every colleague and fan who watches the video into his Manchester City tenure and wraps his arm around them, just with a simple twist of phrase. Excellent farewell video and letter. High grades.

Admittedly Phillips is actually delivering a highlights video here, but he’s also establishing his bona fides, showing off his own childhood photos wearing Leeds shirts, showing that he helped take the club to the Premier League, and singing songs to supporters. Oh, and it’s all set for Adele, as if it wasn’t emotional enough already. And that’s before we get to the letter, which is about as heartfelt as it gets, taking the time to review some of the Leeds United personnel by name.

It’s detailed, it’s genuine, it’s emotional. I think it just lacks a bit of the shine that Jesus brings to the farewell letter game, but it’s almost on par with the best of the bunch here.

Dybala has no video and his suicide note is not as long or as specific as some of the others. But if there’s one thing Dybala has for him, it’s raw emotion. If he says he thought he had the Juventus sweater for much longer, you know he means that to his core.

No one has cried to Tina Turner since the Clinton administration. When Dybala talks about Juventus, he expresses a genuine appreciation for the club that deserves admiration. And it also makes for a good goodbye letter.

Marks for the longest letter on this list, as well as for the custom font and hand-drawn designs here. It’s a very nice letter that goes to great lengths to thank everyone Bellerin has worked with and around him Arsenal, and it never feels like he’s venturing into indulgence or half-hearted gratitude. I think it lacks some of the raw emotion and excellent synthesis of mediums possessed by those above Bellerin, but this is still excellent.

There were never any hard feelings between Haaland and Dortmund. Everyone knew he wouldn’t stay forever; no one does that unless they have a tendency to get injured in the most heartbreaking moments. Still, Haaland has put together a very good video here. What stands out in the sea of ​​highlights is how he also interacts with fans, who he also takes the time to thank in the written section. It even includes a section at the end that he provides especially for the video.

This isn’t just sent to a video editor with a bunch of targets, no sir. He’s put in some personal effort for this, and that’ll get you points.

Ok, I absolutely admit this to you: it’s not surprising. He barely says anything. But doesn’t that suit Mane so well? Wouldn’t it feel bizarre to see him go all long-winded with the whole thing? After all, he has always been more of a man of action than of words when it comes to the game.

Short and sweet works here. It just does.

This is a very nice note to leave Lyon, but the real stars of the show are Paqueta’s children. Does he know that he helped create physical manifestations of the “Precious Moments” children? Are these kids already doing Gerber ads? Anyway, nice post, lovely family. Fair game.

This is a well-crafted and well-edited video, and I definitely like the choice of splitting the old audio from the interview clip. There’s some refreshing honesty, and in his written caption itself, he notes his growth, both as a player and as a person. Really, this feels like it has all the elements of success here, but… it all feels a bit mechanical, doesn’t it? We get some nice player highlights. We get the achievements at the end. But it feels like this is all about Sterling, not really his relationship with Manchester City. It’s just a little too businesslike to be a really great goodbye letter, I think.

This is another one that feels more like a highlights video. It could be a little more sincere, but a good composition of the video showing Pogba’s time in United’s youth before moving on to later achievements at the club. And honestly, it’s a little more genuine than I’d expect from Pogba, given the great grief his own fans have caused him over the years. Is that why this thing sounds like it has a soundtrack by Hans Zimmer? Perhaps the giant brass “BWAAAA” is the sound of cognitive dissonance? We may never know for sure.

A farewell highlight video to end all farewell highlight videos. We’re just getting some Rudiger highlights with Chelsea, And that’s what matters. The song choice is nice, and I will always appreciate how well music fits the lyrics. We just don’t get much in the way of anything special here, and really no words beyond the background music.

It’s fine as a farewell to a club, but it leaves something to be desired.

Props to Lewandowski, because if I felt the way he felt clearly he was treated at the end of his Bayern appointment, I would send a little TikTok dance as a goodbye. Instead, he’s really going through with it here, as seriously as you can when you’re parting ways with your eight-year club on pretty bad terms. It’s a nice farewell letter, but you can almost hear the tension in it.

Okay guys. We have to try a little harder than this. The people at the top of this list are making art short films dedicated to people that, in many cases, they never have to care about again.

If we’re just going to post a simple photo, at least let’s make the caption a little more memorable, shall we?

If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, “Wait, who’s Neco Williams again,” the answer is “obviously a person who was ready to get out of jail.” Liverpool”, based on this suicide note. For someone who has worked at the club for 15 years, you might expect just over three sentences. The photo collage is nice, but it just doesn’t do it for me. Williams and Forest did not do much against Manchester City on Wednesday.

Let’s be clear about one thing here. This is the worst suicide note on this listand it may also be my favorite suicide note on this list, as it is the only one openly hostile to the former club.

“I have chosen not to communicate during this transfer window, despite all the criticism and all the often false and misleading remarks, even if they came from the club,” is simply an absolutely incredible statement. Petty to the extreme. He goes on to thank Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers, despite saying Rodgers has chosen to ‘unmask’ him lately. There is no sadness here, and half of the gratitude expressed is done with sarcasm. Mostly there’s just complacency and, frankly, it’s hilarious.

And the photo to top it off? It doesn’t even say ‘Thank you’. It just says “Goodbye”. As a suicide note, this is one that doesn’t even come close to Williams. But as pure content to enjoy as a non-Leicester fan? It is a pure gift and we should be grateful for it.

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