Mechanics fined and suspended for blocking the other team’s bike from leaving the pitlane | CNN



Two mechanics have been fined and suspended for blocking another team’s engine from leaving the pit lane during qualifying for a motorcycle race.

On Saturday, two members of the Sterilgarda Husqvarna Max team were caught on camera deliberately blocking Adrian Fernandez’s bike as he attempted to exit the Tech3 KTM garage during the second part of qualifying for the Moto3 Aragon Grand Prix.

MotoGP later on Saturday announced that both mechanics were fined €2,000 (USD 2003.23) and suspended two races for “interfering with and contacting another team’s bike and rider in an aggressive and dangerous manner.”

The suspension was postponed to later races, as a ban on the mechanics for the next two races, in Japan and Thailand, would make replacing the pair impossible due to immigration and travel restrictions.

The team’s boss, former Superbike World Champion Max Biaggi, suggested that the two mechanics would both face higher penalties than MotoGP had already imposed.

“Unacceptable behaviour!” he continued Twitter. “We apologize publicly to the Tech3 Racing Team and Adriàn Fernàndez.

“An unsolicited, dangerous action that cannot be justified in any way by our code of ethics! Those responsible will be punished appropriately.”

Fernandez’s qualifying standings suffered, leading him to start from 15th on the grid for Sunday’s race. He eventually finished 12th.

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