Divyanka Tripathi’s “Healthy Thaali” Serves Indian Food Purposes


Divyanka Tripathi is one of the most popular actors in the TV industry, and she also enjoys a large following on social media. She keeps her 21 million Instagram followers updated on her real-life adventures, including her food diaries. Divyanka Tripathi balances her diet well with keto recipes and delicious foods. But she is seen more often for healthy meals like the latest “Healthy Thaali” she had. She posted a photo of her most recent indulgence on Instagram stories and it’s drool-worthy. Do you want to know what was on the plate? Read more.

Divyanka Tripathi posted a photo of her meal on Instagram stories. The large thaali included a variety of Indian dishes and side dishes. We can spot parathas and matar pulao combined with yellow dal, curd, diced carrot and radish salad with the side of red chutney, pickle and crispy papad. Also present is a milky dessert with the topping of what appears to be grated apple. She captioned the photo – “Healthy Thaali”.

Take a look at her post:

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Divyanka Tripathi Instagram Story

Doesn’t her meal look delicious? Healthy is not always boring, at least not this thaali who devoured Divyanka Tripathi. But we love how she also indulges her desires every now and then. Divyanka Tripathi and husband Vivek Dahiya were recently in Delhi. They had some kebab and Lebanese dish at a restaurant and some tasty looking desserts at a local sweet shop. Read all about it here.

Does Divyanka Tripathi’s thaali inspire you to make your own? Here we have some recipes to help you make a quick mini thaali of typical Indian delicacies. click here.

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