Environmental crime cases are up more than 4% in 2021 – Times of India


NEW DELHI: In 2021, a total of 64,471 cases were registered among environmental crimes in the country, compared to 61,767 cases in 2020, an increase of 4.4%, but nearly 84% of these cases related to crimes under one law: Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act – which provides for various regulations for such products, including a ban on smoking in public places and advertising.
Crime cases, compiled by the National Crime Registry Office (NCRB), revealed that just 55 cases were registered in the country under the Air and Water Prevention & Control of Pollution Act last year, even as violations of these laws in one form or another are among the most common in the world. glaring environmental violations appear to be in India. The number of cases under the law has fallen sharply from 589 in 2020 to 55 last year.
Delhi and Punjab have not registered any case under these laws which provide for the prevention, control and reduction of air and water pollution, and allocate the powers and functions of the pollution control council to take the required action to address any violations. .
Of the 55 such cases, Rajasthan registered the highest number of cases (19), followed by West Bengal (11), Madhya Pradesh (10), Uttar Pradesh (8), Haryana (4), Kerala (2) and Maharashtra (1 ).
Of the states/UT, Tamil Nadu registered the highest number of environmental cases (46,458), followed by Rajasthan (9387) and Kerala (2659). In Tamil Nadu and Kerala, almost 99% of cases related to cigarette/tobacco product regulation.
The total number of cases registered last year includes 54,024 under the Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act; 7.217 under the Noise Nuisance Act; 2,292 under the Forest Act and the Forest Protection Act; 615 under the Wildlife Protection Act; 252 under the Environmental Protection Act and 16 under the National Green Tribunal Act.
As for convictions for green offenses, a total of 46,725 people were convicted last year, more than 83% of them under the Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act. Among other things, 6,318 persons were convicted under the Noise Abatement Act and 1,119 persons under the Forest and Forest Protection Act.
Only 21 people were convicted under the Air & Water Prevention & Control of Pollution Act, while 247 were convicted under the Wildlife Protection Act in 2021.

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