Prince Andrew faces ‘total exile’ as King Charles III gains control


Prince Andrew could reportedly face ‘total exile’ from the British royal family as his brother King Charles III takes control of the firm after Queen Elizabeth’s death last week on September 8, 2022.

Royal expert Victoria Ward was quoted as saying: Express UK by saying that Prince Andrew’s position in the royal family is in jeopardy after the death of the Queen, who made him famous, even after being embroiled in major controversy in recent years.

According to War, it is becoming increasingly clear that his chances of fully returning to the royal fold are “no longer” under King Charles III.

“He (Charles) has repeatedly insisted that the controversy surrounding the Duke should not tarnish the reputation of the monarchy and has intervened personally on more than one occasion in recent months to keep him out of the public eye,” Ward said.

The expert went on to say that while Prince Andrew will certainly be in talks with King Charles to come up with a plan for his future, it certainly doesn’t mean he will return.

“No one believes it will hold any semblance of a return to royal duty,” she said.

“Maybe if she had lived many more years, she would have tried to help him make some sort of comeback. But now there is no turning back,” the claims concluded.

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